Your Faith Won’t Leave You Alone


Your Faith Won’t Leave You Alone


Faith is an act. That means activity, motion, movement.

Where does movement start? It starts with a decision.

The four lepers outside the gate of Samaria decided not to wait to die… they got up and found unexpected wealth. Hannah refused to give up asking for a son and poured out her heart to a priest who accused her of being drunk. David decided not to kill King Saul, though Saul sought his life.

Which way is your faith moving you?

It’s moving you because faith will not leave us alone until it has performed God’s will. Faith is that force within that says, “give it one more try.” “It doesn’t matter that it hasn’t come yet… it is coming.”

Once faith is activated it takes on a life of its own. It will stir you to speak as God speaks and move toward your place of manifestation. Relentlessly. Fearlessly. That’s faith moving you, child of God. Don’t deny His promptings. Decide today to obey His leading.

You won’t be disappointed.