I Know There’s a Famine Going On, but Sow Your Seed Anyhow


I Know There’s a Famine Going On, but Sow Your Seed Anyhow


I think this passage is one of many people’s favorite because we like the ending: the hundred fold return. We don’t think too much about what Isaac had to do to get that yield. Famine is the result of drought… dry, hard land that is a nightmare to cultivate and till. Hard soil means much toil.

Have you ever felt compelled by God to do something really hard?

Where you had to humble yourself and do it in spite of what common sense, finances, supply, season, lack of encouragement, criticism spoke to you?

Planting seed in drought means fighting doubt in your mind that ridicules your obedience. Many people stop sowing seed because they can’t handle the mental warfare that challenges your faith. Loving a spouse who has turned their back on you, preaching to a handful of people, giving finances that continue to dwindle, all are such acts. But God may compel you to do such things. Noah built the ark and saved humanity because he sowed effort and resources while being ridiculed by the world. They drowned, he and his family survived.

What will you do, Beloved?

It may get tight, but continue to sow acts of obedience… your dividend will be great.