We Come With a Warranty


We Come With a Warranty


We are guaranteed never to wear out. As our days, so shall our strength be.

Imagine climbing a mountain at 120 years old with your vision just as sharp as in your youth.

How about having a baby at 90 with a 99 year old husband?

How about conquering the inhabitants of an entire city at 80+ years old.

Moses, Abraham, Sarah and Caleb had youthful strength into old age because they believed God and lived out His plan for their lives by faith. If body parts suffer damage or try to wear out, God promises to fix whatever ails us.

We are redeemed from the curse of worn out parts. He promises to renew our youth. We soar like eagles!

Dry bones? Prophesy to them that they are alive!

Joints worn out? Speak to the cartilage and command it to reform.

God’s word is full of life and power. Use it.

It’s your warranty.