And the Miracles Just Keep Coming!


And the Miracles Just Keep Coming!


Jesus’s first miracle was at the wedding at Cana. He turned water into wine. He would go on to perform many more… too many to count! Water to wine speaks of conversion from Old Testament law (water) to New Testament life in Christ (wine). That’s you and me. We went from being afraid of God to making peace with Him through the miracle of His blood. This was the beginning of our miracle life. Has he healed you?

Another miracle. Do you love people you used to hate?

Anybody hate you and you love them anyway?

Ever pray for a stranger and now they’re your friend?

How about the money that comes in just in time… or your child graduating from college… debt free. The traffic accident you walked away from, the miracle baby, the perfect job, with benefits, whew! And there are more to come! Yep, the new birth was just the beginning of the miracle that you are, Beloved! Can’t wait to see what He does next!