Watch Out for the Suddenly!


Watch Out for the Suddenly!


I’m like you are: I want to know WHEN my promise will manifest. I know… that’s not walking by faith. It’s also easy to get discouraged when we want to see our promise before its due season. I was baking cookies the other day and God began to speak to me about this. In this passage of scripture it says as we submit to God’s chosen fast, which is more of a heart change than refusing food (whew!) your health will spring forth speedily… suddenly. Almost without warning or signs. In other words, you won’t see it until it gets here.

As I was baking the cookies, I noticed that there is a perfect moment when that cookie is done. If I had taken it out of the oven 90 seconds ago, it would barely resemble the finished product. It wouldn’t hold its shape and would be inedible.

Like our promise: too soon and it wouldn’t be what God promised us; it won’t satisfy. If we allow God to reveal our blessing in due season, it’s perfect, satisfying, and is everything we could desire. But it happens suddenly. One minute you’re in pain, then suddenly it’s no more. One minute you’re on medication you thought you’d have to take for the rest of your life, next minute you’re throwing them out. Let patience be your companion on your journey.

Then suddenly…