If It’s Your Time, You’d Better Act


If It’s Your Time, You’d Better Act


Through a series of unplanned and unforeseen events, Esther, an ordinary but beautiful Jewish girl is now queen of Persia. Why her?

Why now?

When you belong to God, there is divine purpose to your life. You are not just a Christian, or just anything. You are significant and valuable. But you must also respond appropriately to the plan and will of God when He opens the door for you to fulfill that purpose, no matter the cost or inconvenience. Esther’s time was now to fulfill the plan of God to bring deliverance to His people. We all quote this passage, “ for such a time as this,” but do we understand that it really means it’s now or never. Mordecai informs Esther that if she fails to act, God will use somebody else, but He will deliver His people. Better get on board, girlfriend, cause this train is rolling on. Mordecai sensed victory but Esther sensed fear. The remedy: prayer and fasting to position herself for success. This is our time, to preach the gospel and win the lost at any cost, Beloved. With or without us, God will get His will done. I’m on board. How about you?