That Bite That Was Taken Out of Your Sandwich Is Coming Back to You


That Bite That Was Taken Out of Your Sandwich Is Coming Back to You


Satan deceives… and steals. He deceives so he can steal. Have you ever gotten an answer to prayer that didn’t quite measure up to your need or expectation?

Maybe it seemed to take forever for that new job to open up; you wanted that dress badly but couldn’t get it at the right price so you got another less desirable one. You prayed the word, held on, and still didn’t bring home the bacon. “Am I expecting too much?” you ask… “I think I’m in faith, but… ” You had a whole sandwich in mind, but when it came there was a bite taken out of it. I hate that.

What happened?

The enemy did that. How?

Through deception. When your faith hit a wall, you backed up instead of pressing in. Backing up allows the enemy to take a bite out of it… like the locust or cankerworm spoken of here. But guess what?

God will restore it. The devil didn’t get a chance to chew it up and swallow it. God made him spit it out… seven fold. Declare today that it’s coming back to you… all of it: back pay, interest, restitution. “Devil, if you bite it, I hope you choke on it! Spit it out, it’s mine.” And take back what he’s stolen in Jesus’ name. He’ll think twice before he bites your sandwich again. Shalom.