That Seed Must Bear Fruit


That Seed Must Bear Fruit


God is so good. Jeremiah 1:12 says God watches over His word to perform it. He watches over it… we don’t have to. He will perform what He promises. The paralytic at the pool of Bethesda found that out. He had been paralyzed 38 years, and Jesus comes up to him and asks if he wants to be made whole… Healed, walking, working, independent. He never said yes. Instead, he gave many reasons whe he couldn’t be healed… nobody to carry him, no angels on duty today… .but Jesus heals him anyway. Huh?

This guy never said yes to Jesus… .did he?

Maybe he did and we’re not aware of it. Perhaps he prayed many years ago and even expected for a while to walk. After 38 years, you buy a mat, go sit with the rest of the paralytics and listen to all the complaints. You probably bring a lunch and something to drink. You make yourself comfortable in your helpless condition. But God never forgets the prayer you prayed; even way back then. Now is the season to perform His word to heal you. He tells the man, “pick up your bed; you won’t be coming back here. You’re healed.” Don’t let the passage time discourage you, Beloved. God sees you. In an instant your story will change.