“Hey, Rhoda, Open the Door and Let Your Miracle In!”


“Hey, Rhoda, Open the Door and Let Your Miracle In!”


A Bible teacher friend of mine used to say, “ask in faith receive in shock.” It’s amazing how when we pray for something we can ask in one realm, but not abide there during the season when it manifests. It’s easy to miss your answer if you’re really detached from the spirit of prayer.

However, these people were praying for Peter’s release at the exact time he showed up at the gate of the house. In fact they were still praying for him when he knocked at the gate and Rhoda went to answer it. She never let him in, but ran back to tell the group that his Angel was at the door.

Prayer travels at the speed of eternity. In a flash, God can release your answer. Dean Braxton died and went to Heaven. As he traveled rapidly through space, he saw what he thought were stars shooting past him. He said they were the prayers of the saints for him and others. And you thought God is always slow in responding. Think again. Open the door of your faith.

Your miracle answer is standing on the other side. Let it in!