Maybe You’re Small by Divine Plan


Maybe You’re Small by Divine Plan


God is big, but He honors the small in a special way. Anybody who is called to ministry envisions greatness: mega church, every seat filled plus overflow, 100% tithers, business people, families, media ministry, large social media following with lotsa likes. Yet, the average congregation is less than 100 persons. Perhaps less now with the pandemic restrictions.

We go to church-growth conferences and buy success videos looking for more, bigger… but is that always God’s plan and measure of success?

Gideon delivered Israel from the Midianites after complaining to God that he couldn’t because he was guess what? Small. God showed him a thing or two. After gathering an army of 22,000, God told him to send the fearful home. That left 10,000. Then GOD told him that was too many.

In the end, God selected a mere 300 warriors. You think God is trying to tell us something? HE selects those He wants in the battle. Not all people are warriors. All are precious and God loves them, but when God selects His army, He uses a different standard than man does. Small but mighty.

That works for me.