This Ain’t No Adrenaline Rush… This Is DUNAMIS Power!


This Ain’t No Adrenaline Rush… This Is DUNAMIS Power!


Samson just killed a thousand Philistines with the jawbone of an ass. He also pulled the gates off the entrance to the city when he found them locked. Of course he was angry at the time.

Anger triggers adrenaline, but this was not natural strength. He was anointed with supernatural strength. It was a gift from God to assist Israel in their fight against their enemies. David had a similar gifting. He found a lion and a bear threatening his sheep and killed both with his bare hands. He killed Goliath with a rock and a sling.

These were not just coincidental happenings.

Is it possible that the anointing gives us extraordinary strength?

It is highly possible.

We overpower the enemy all the time: in our prayers, God dispatches angels to arrest demons. We overpower Satan while laying hands on the sick and casting out devils. In this present age, our enemy is invisible, but the beat down is the same. Like Samson and David, we have the might and power of God as a weapon of warfare. No foe can stand before us.